Saint Paul Public Schools is pleased to announce the Effective Grants Management Training Program!
Effective Grants Management
Clear Expectations, Training & Support, and Accountability ensure Grant Managers in SPPS have the skills they need to excel.

The vision of the Effective Grants Management Training Program is:

  • Expected and Consistent Levels of Proficiency
  • Training and support to attain proficiency
  • Transparent and Predictable Accountability

Effective grant managers support the strategic goals of Saint Paul Public Schools:  Alignment, Achievement and Sustainability

Training, ongoing support and assessing performance ensures accountability for results

Improved performance of grant-funded projects will save SPPS money and improve academic outcomes for students

As participants in the program, Grant Managers and their networks of support will:

  • Understand the business practices and be able to follow procedures for successful grant implementation. 
  • Identify barriers to progress and activate their network of support to overcome those barriers.
  • Understand their role within the district as well as the role representing the district to external funders.

Four Component Areas to be Addressed

  • Program Implementation
  • Evaluation and Reporting
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Contracting


  • Grant Managers (current and future)
  • Project Directors
  • Central Accounting Staff
  • Program Evaluators
  • School Accounting Staff (bursars/clerks)
  • Any other interested staff